Mad Parallax: Jumpy Road

2050, in a warmer world. The life of Parallax is upside down after her brother was swept away by the latest heatwave. She takes the road, searching for a way to stop climate change...

This version is an alpha release. It may still have bugs and such. Please be kind and report to me any bug or any kind of feedback. Thank you!


[space] Make the car jump
[s] Mute/unmute sound


Mad Parallax: Jumpy Road is a short runner game about a young girl who goes on a journey to fight climate change.

I initially made this game for my kid. He loved the Chrome dino runner game and asked me to make him the same kind of game but with a car - he loves cars. After creating a prototype, I let it sleep for a fews years, I was too busy with my job and life. 

A few weeks ago, for many reasons, I decided to restart doing game development. I found this little prototype I had made, it was a perfect tiny project to start with, in order to prove myself I could release something.

But I wanted to add a twist to it. A message for my kid. This is the result. It ain't perfect. But it's a start.

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Music: Meydän / 
Produced by Alastor Games

Development log


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Make difficulty levels!!! It would be interesting to only unlock the harder difficulty if you have beat it since it is relatively short (depending on how many times you crash).


Good to see more climate themed games...

- The Climate Trail

Yes, this one is quite small but it's a (re)start. Let's keep going...