EcoClicker is a game where you have to save earth from global warming by planting trees. Alpha version, not bug free, and many things to come. Updated almost daily. Please post in the forum if you experience any issue or for any feedback, or head to the subreddit or the twitter for news of the development. Thank you for playing!

How to play

  1. Click the big green button to grow some trees.
  2. Click the big yellow button to chop some trees and get some gold
  3. Hire workers to help you grow and chop trees
  4. Adopt policies and research new techs to improve your yield
  5. Make sure you keep temperature anomaly between -3°C and +3.5°C or the game would be over...


This alpha version provides the working gameplay, see below the changelog and todo list. The game is currently optimised/tested for Chrome but should work with all recent browsers (Firefox/Safari/Edge).



  • Add "Eco dome" research. Buying it wins the game.
  • "Gold Manager" research update: decrease hiring costs by 5% (from 10% previously), now increase gold yield of Activists and Advocates by 20%
  • "Net of Stuff" research update: now increase gold yield of Activists and Advocates by 20%, and CO2 emissions by 2%
  • "Seeding plane" price x2
  • Grapple price x2
  • Fix price display of Policy/Research not being red when not enough gold


  • Better cost balance for end-game policies
  • Bugfix: multipliers in Plant and Chop buttons shall be rounded (thanks /u/TerraPlays on Reddit)
  • Bugfix: a typo in freezing game over screen (thanks @zombiewizard45 on Twitter)
  • Fix: "National Parks" description states "Make people pay for it" but no gold yield, description updated


  • Added average temperature and temperature anomaly calculation
  • Game over when temperature anomaly > +3.5°C or < -3°C (first version of game over screens, texts may change)
  • Red or blue transparent layer on top of landscape to give a visual feedback of temperature anomaly
  • Cap number of news displayed (max: 30)
  • Make "Research" button stand out differently so player understands there is stuff in there
  • Display click multipliers in Plant and Chop buttons


  • Fix Seeding plane ban/unban not working
  • Decreased Seeding plane workers limit to 25
  • Transform "GMOs" policy into a 5-tier research
  • "Emergency State" policy now makes Activists unable to work
  • Missing icons added
  • Increased a bit the font size of price and quantity in worker/policies/research buttons
  • Improved readability of all texts using CSS text shadow
  • Attempted to fix CO2 table last row not visible in Firefox/Ubuntu by resetting table default CSS


  • Reworked whole game balance
  • Added workers (mainly to chop trees and generate gold):
    • Gatherer
    • Advocate
    • Delimber
    • Heavy harvester
    • Tree planter
    • Grapple
  • Added research panel
  • Added many new policies
  • Policies can now be revoked for double the price of the policy
  • Added ability to sell worker for half its current price
  • Idle mode implemented (inactive tab)
  • Basic load/save process (save is automatic when pausing game or closing the browser tab/window, ability to continue saved game from main menu)
  • The player shall not use the Enter key to plant and chop trees ultra fast!
  • Workers tooltips now display the actual planting/chopping/gold rates wrt policies improvements
  • Added level up news. Cheer up!


  • Added "Double Green Click" and "Double Blue Click" policies
  • Make workers and policies availability depends on level
  • Update workers and policies prices and yield - reworked the whole balance of the game really
  • Bugfix: gold yield from policies not counted


  • Changed Activist price and gold yield
  • Bugfix: gold yield from workers displayed but not actually counted


  • First alpha release


  • Better landscape with procedural trees, factories, city, visible pollution...
  • Buildings
  • More metrics (temperature) [Done]
  • Better news generation
  • New workers, research and achievements [Continuous]
  • Sounds + corresponding settings (mute, volume)
  • Main menu screen
  • Introduction sequence
  • Credits
  • More information

    Published21 days ago
    StatusIn development
    AuthorAlastor Games
    Tags2D, Casual, clicker, Dark, idle, incremental, Management, Mouse only
    Average durationA few minutes
    Player countSingleplayer